Coach and mentor of leaders and entrepreneurs

Nieves has published three books (two of them in Spanish) in which she includes practical and tested methods of mindset, leadership and productivity to achieve real growth with maximum performance.

Mindfulness At Work

Work life has changed radically. In a pressured, always on , information overloaded and in an ever-changing reality, our attention is at risk. And there is a direct link between attention and results. And in a reality where change and digital era are here to stay , to be successful at work, and in our life, we need to see beyond current circumstances and choose what we pay attention to and what we do not. Our minds tend to wander, but it is possible to train the brain to respond differently to today’s demands through the practice of mindfulness.


You might be good at starting but not at finishing. You might plan but don’t act.

If you think you have Time Management issues, probably you are wrong. Most of the people have Energy and Priority Management issues

No matter what your past has been, you can change your future, by changing the present. By choosing to take action now.

This Action Planner won’t give you the course of action. It will give you the CAUSE of Action

Screwprocrastinationtakeaction Action planner

This is a simple, basic and practical Planner, with simple, basic and practical Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Projects Action Planners that will put you on the driver seat of your life.