Do you want to stop procastinating?

Last month we talked about gaining clarity. Once you gain clarity it is easier to know where you want to go. Where you are heading. But still you need a plan. And more than a plan you need ACTION and understand your priorities.

If you think you have procrastination issues — you’re probably wrong

Most people who think they have procrastination issues actually have priority and energy management issues. Have you ever met someone that keeps saying “I don’t have enough hours on the day” or “I haven’t finished this project because I haven’t had enough time” or “apologies for the mistakes on the business case, I didn’t have time to review it”.

Most probably you have met someone like this. Either it’s yourself, your children with their homework, or someone in your team at work!

If you’re wondering about how you can become better at time management, it’s quite likely that you’re asking the wrong questions.

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