I weared faded and wrinckled clothes

I am a feminist but a feminist , like most, that doesn’t want to step over men. It is about diversity and not stepping over the others to make you been heard.

A feminist that wants balance .

A feminist that supports freedom and diversity of thoughts ,sex, religion and race.

I believe in diversity. The diversity I haven’t always experienced during my personal and professional life.

Personally speaking I can see there is still much to be done in the world . And , sometimes this unbalance is deeper in some societies that you would call ”developed”… surprinsgly enough.

I am married with an amazing man from a country  that everyone would wrongly assume are macho society. And yes, at the beginning he didn’t know how to iron or do things at home ( like most of men and nowadays let’s be honest, men and women! ;)) And it took me several years of wearing faded and wrinkled clothes until he learned how to use the washing machine and do the ironing. I could have done it myself ? Of course.That is the easiest thing to do but it is one of the problems a lot of women have. We are perfectionist and we prefer to do it all our way . That doesn’t help!

Our previous generations’ (mums and dads!) actions brought us here and now it is up to us to make the change we want to see in the world.

Professionally  speaking I can say that since I was 18 I have been surrounded  by men in meetings, preparing strategic business plans , when flying in business class cabins(rarely you would see a women), in business lunches and golf events . And in my first job ,when I was 18, I was told by a colleague to stay at home cleaning dishes! The man who told me that , after few months, became one of my best friends and supporters. And no, I didn’t have S* with him. I just had the courage to speak up , sit down in front of the table and continue doing my job always the best way possible way. Like any men or women would or should do.

Even my HR manager was not treating people equally! But there was another reason behind that behaviour . My ex colleagues probably now who  I am talking about;)

Sometimes I wanted  to give up but I didn’t.

I had the courage to continue and yes I went to golf and lunches and I even smoke a cigar and wear a tie( I have to say I enjoyed that and even ended up designing my own ties;))

I had 2 pregnancies and after having my 2 wonderful kids for more than 2 years I went to work without having a minute of sleep. Could I have stayed at home during a sick leave to rest during the pregnancy ? Yes. Could I called sick when not having enough sleep? Of course. But I didn’t. I didn’t because we all have an obligation to lead by example for our cause. Whatever your cause it. Feminism , LGBT movement ,life matters or just give a good example to your kids …

I seated at the front of the table. I went out of my comfort zone.

It hasn’t been easy like many people would think.

I started from the very bottom and I managed to get where I wanted to be, showing up and following my personal and professional values, loving and being loved by my family.

Living in different countries ,having different Leadership roles, leading large ,small and diverse teams, living abroad , opening my business abroad, becoming an author with my first book written in English being a non native English speaker, studying my Master in Corporate and Executive Coaching ( results coach as lots of clients call me now)  and speaker. And first of all partner and mum.

This was not easy. I had to claim diversity and respect. Or I could have given up. But I didn’t.

Many women from previous generations, included my mum, had a lot of courage but not the one to speak up. And that’s ok. They won their own battles .It is our time now and we need to do it for them, for our daughters and for our sons so they can grow up in a word with diversity of thoughts, sex, religions and races.

It is the day of the diversity. You can do it as well. We all have a responsibility to make this world a better place. And everything starts with small actions.

I know there are other major problems in the world and by no means I am saying it is easy. I am just saying that every single and small action helps. It is about winning the battles to win the war.

My first post was exactly 2 years ago . I wanted to  launch my business in Women’s day.  And here I am again

Thank you for your support and for your courage speaking up for diversity. Men and Women. LGBT community. Any Race. Any Religion.

To help man and women to achieve whatever they want in life, my contribution to the world is to help you reach your destination.  For that purpose I wrote my book


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