Multitasking makes human beings less productive, less creative, and less able to make good decisions

People who are more focused, clear minded, and kind make for better organizations.

And many better organizations make for a better world


This year there has been a good amount of talks regarding personal development and probably you have attended one or two zoom calls?

Change is here to stay and the only way to be successful is adapting to change. And part of this change is that all of us we’ll need to do more with less.

But we have a problem.

Do you know that the average person effectively works 50% of their time?

Lack of Focus and Attention.

Yes, the effects of the “always on” culture and the digital era. We are continuously distracted, trying to do more but, doing less and worse. Multitasking it used to be a strength in performance appraisals, but it is now it’s now a weakness.

Can Your company afford a 50% productivity? Nowadays… I doubt it.

Mindfulness will bring you excellent results to you, to your team and to your company.

To be honest, I am probably the last person one might expect to write about mindfulness, as I have always been considered a busy bee, but years ago, I had a series of profound insights and realizations that changed my perspective in a significant way.

First, I realized my brain was full—full of all the things associated with living a high-pressure, fast-paced, demanding life. Second, I realized that I essentially had assumed that having a “full brain” was unavoidable and that if I wanted to be a successful leader in one of the world’s largest airlines , it was simply part of the “package.”

However, I discovered another way of working and being that not only freed up brain capacity but also made me more effective, more creative, less stressed, and most probably more kind. These realizations have inspired me to study and practice Mindfulness and Coaching.

In today’s “always-on” technology, constant data over-load, and extreme time pressure to the work that we do, even the best, brightest, most mentally strong, and talented people are sometimes unable to cope. Stress can be a debilitating illness, and the constant pressure of working in a corporate world drove me to search for tools for enhancing sustainable performance, tools that could help my people and me do the work we love, while performing at the highest level, but without sacrificing well-being and balance in life.

I felt I needed this ME time and since I focused my attention to personal development, I felt I was happier and a better person at home and at work.

Years ago, I decided to do my Master in Corporate & Executive Coaching and most recently NLP and Mindfulness Practitioner and Master. They have made a huge difference in my work, leadership, and private life,as well as for the people on my team. I am convinced it can do the same for you.

Work life has changed radically over the past few decades. People used to be able to focus their full attention on each and every task. Now they attempt to concentrate on work while dealing with a constant stream of text messages, e-mails, phone calls, meetings, and deadlines. Faced with a relentless flood of information and distractions, our brains try to process everything at once. In other words, we try to multitask.

But researchers have shown that multitasking is the worst possible reaction to information overload. According to a McKinsey &Company report, multitasking actually “makes human beings less productive, less creative, and less able to make good decisions.” In fact, numerous studies have found that modern office life is transforming competent professionals into frenzied underachievers.

Are we destined to have minds that constantly wander, remain inattentive, and lose focus?

Thankfully, the answer is no. It is possible to train the brain to respond differently to today’s constant interruptions through the practice of mindfulness.

Simply put, at its introductory level, mindfulness means trained attention. Based on thousands of years of practice, mindfulness techniques enable people to manage their attention, improve their awareness, and sharpen their focus and clarity.

The key is to have a holistic view of your life and apply mindfulness techniques to daily work & life.

I have created a program to bring in corporate mindfulness providing real-world techniques that you can implement and get increases in productivity, effectiveness, job satisfaction, and much more. The quantitative results of this program include increased focus and effectiveness, as well as enhanced quality of life, reduced stress, and better well-being.

On an individual level, the program has helped people quickly and easily learn how to improve efficiency and increase self-control.

“Speed wins,” we often say. As human beings, we want information now; we want to take action in the moment. Whenever we are given a choice, we will opt for a service that delivers faster than the competition.

And from a cognitive perspective, being ahead provides a clear edge in effectiveness and productivity. It offers the space and freedom to choose your distractions and direct your mental energy

In the end, this is what mindfulness is about being our best selves and realizing more of our potential in everyday life. People who are more focused, clear minded, and kind make for better organizations. And many better organizations make for a better world. Think of a world in which improving performance goes hand in hand with increasing kindness. And a world in which kindness is valued as much as efficiency and effectiveness, as much as revenue per share or operating cash flow.

It may sound overly optimistic, but I see it happening every day in the many organizations around the globe.

Designed for busy professionals looking for a new way of working within high-stress, high-paced conditions, this program is a very practical, how-to guide that you, your team, your family can implement from day one.The system tackles the most persistent inefficiencies and problems in the workday, such as e-mail, meetings, priorities, and planning. Each of these techniques is self-contained and easily implemented, providing readers with immediate results.

In the program I will share

  • Tools and techniques for implementing mindfulness at work to enhance focus, clarity, and results
  • Guidelines and reflections to change how you think about people and things in the workplace towards being more calm, clear minded, creative, and kind
  • Simple yet detailed step-by-step instructions for systematic mindfulness training Vignettes and real-world stories to help illustrate key lessons and stimulate thought
  • Guidelines for a 10-minute-per-day mindfulness program guaranteed to reshape your life both at work and at home

This program is inspired by the hundreds of people that I have worked with and in my personal journey.

I hope it will be of long-lasting benefit to you. By practicing the methods only a few minutes a day, you can develop more effective mental habits, allowing you to thrive in even the most competitive, high-pressure situations. Most important, however, these techniques are intended to empower you—and busy people like you—by providing a road map to improving performance through greater focus, awareness, and clarity of mind.

Contact me to get more information about to help you or your company to achieve sustainable success increasing focus and effectiveness, as well as enhanced quality of life, reduced stress, and better well-being.


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